Should You Stay or Should You Go? Insource, Outsource or Adjusted Resources (Advanced)

10/11 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Should you stay or should you go?... a question so critical, there is a song about it. In this session, Madison Advisors’ senior analyst, Gina Ferrara, and Madison Advisors’ president, Kemal Carr, will provide in-depth insight into the build vs. buy decision when it comes to outsourcing transactional print.  This overview will highlight the key considerations that drive the decision to outsource print and highlight strategies for ways in-plant operations can increase productivity and streamline operations to justify keeping print in-house.  In addition, Ferrara and Carr will discuss how the benefits of color inkjet technology fit this profile and how organizations can justify the capital expense while getting the most out of an investment in that technology. Specifics covered will include:

  • The 6 factors that create the “Perfect Storm” thus driving the decision to outsource print
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly for outsourcing print – the positives and negatives of outsourcing print and what mistakes to avoid when outsourcing
  • Color inkjet technology – what are the benefits of including this technology in the decision stream, how to make the most of an investment and how to generate interest in transitioning from monochrome to color documents across your organization
  • Outsourcing:  3 options to consider – Outsourcing print is a solution, but it is not the ONLY solution; Madison Advisors’ session will explore other options
  • Defending against the outsourcing conversation – strategies for keeping print in-house and the rain gear needed to defend against the “Perfect Storm”