Get the Inkjet Edge: Transitioning Your Business with Inkjet

10/11 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Technology transforms most industries, and none more so than the production printing industry. High-speed production inkjet began transforming the printing market around 2007. Some call it transformative, some call it revolutionary, some even call it a rebirth of the printing industry. The reality is, there is still more growth and excitement yet to come in the production inkjet space.

During this session, we will dive into the details of how industry-leading companies have made the transition to inkjet. What challenges did they face? How did they overcome these challenges? How did they navigate the many choices of media, inks, and finishing options? What benefits have they realized? What organizational changes did they make to accommodate the new technology? What would they do differently if they knew then what they know now?  And what words of advice do they have for others considering a similar move to high-speed inkjet?